Today, the integration with the world economy, many businesses and individuals organize business in many fields, but not enough capital or business locations. Many individuals are passionate about business, prefer to buy and sell goods online but still wonder about renting space to store goods. There is no need to worry or worry, there is UWAY providing warehouse rental services, ensuring safety for goods and warehouses that meet GSP (Good Storage Practice) standards. GSP applies to manufacturers, exporters, importers, traders, and drug stores.


Photos of UWAY warehouse

Preservation of drugs: the safe storage of drugs, packaging, including the use and maintenance of adequate records and documentation systems, including receipts and export slips. . In order to ensure the supply of quality drugs to users, it is necessary to perform all phases related to the production, preservation, storage and circulation of drug distribution.

UWAY currently owns a high quality warehouse system with a total area of more than 10,000 m², a convenient location for storing and distributing goods in Ho Chi Minh City area. In addition, UWAY's warehouse is also equipped with 24 / 24h modern equipment, adequate water and electricity, natural lighting ventilation system, ensuring your goods are always preserved in the good facts.


Not only serve warehouse rental with large areas, but we also have warehouses for small and medium enterprises with low areas to serve the needs of businesses across the districts in Ho Chi Minh City and Ha Noi capital. The company provides package services according to customer needs: receive goods, import, report daily, weekly, monthly, professional loading and unloading. You rent warehouse at Proship and want to ship goods to customers, Proship also offers delivery service, very convenient for you.

UWAY applies informatics application technology into warehouse system, storing documents according to modern international standards. With document management system with barcode system and warehouse management software. This helps customers feel more secure in the process of controlling and managing their records easily and scientifically.

+ Training and professional transfer: UWAY has a team of excellent experts in training and transferring on organization of managing and operating warehouse in professional style.

+ Loading and unloading goods: By hand, hand forklift, according to the nature and type of goods.

+ Warehouse security: With a professional security force serving 24 hours and a fire protection equipment system that meets strict technical standards, UWAY ensures customers' goods are always stored in the safest condition.

From now on you do not need to worry about renting premises, warehouses, delivery staff and other taxes, costing much more. We will manage the consignment goods in stock, deliver the goods as quickly as possible to the customers, collect them and bring them back to you.

Rest assured sales because now UWAY is with you.